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Bathroom with marble look tile flooring and freestanding bathtub

Tile Flooring in Bend, OR


When it comes to tile, there are innumerable options to choose from. Whether you’re interested in tile because of its moisture resistance, customizable designs, or durability, tile flooring is unmatched in its wide variety. Versatile and distinct, getting almost anything you want with tile is possible. At Carpet One Floor & Home, we carry a selection of tiles in styles, sizes, types, and shapes. Our collection is extensive, and we are sure to have a tile that will match your home's design and function. Our professionals are tile experts and can offer design advice and suggest the type of tile that works with your lifestyle. 


What are The Different Types of Tile?


Most of the tiles available today are ceramic, porcelain, or stone. These three types of tiles are the most common and have been on the market for many years. Each offers benefits, and determining which type of tile is best for you can be tough. Think about your lifestyle and activity levels. Ceramic tiles are sturdy, able to handle moderate foot traffic, and stylish. Commonly found on bathroom floors and public spaces, ceramic tiles are incredibly versatile. Porcelain tile is known for its ability to handle high traffic. Thanks to its high density, porcelain is arguably the most durable tile on the market today. Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas, porcelain tiles are often seen in commercial spaces and outdoor patios. Stone tiles are not constructed but are quarried from granite, slate, or marble regions. Stone tiles are extravagant in design and are helpful for luxurious spaces like bathrooms.


The Benefits of Having Tile in Bend, OR


While an investment, incorporating tile adds lasting value, low maintenance convenience, and designer touches aligned with the active Bend lifestyle and climate. Local tile experts can help select ideal products and applications for your home's needs. Here are some potential benefits of having tile flooring or tile features installed in your home in Bend, Oregon:




Professional Tile Flooring Installation in Bend, OR


Tile is a practical material for almost any room of your home. Because it is moisture-resistant, it can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, and entryways. These areas are especially ideal for tile because they experience more traffic and moisture. Tile can also be installed in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and laundry rooms. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what to expect from expert tile floor installers in Bend, OR.



Tile is water resistant, easy to maintain, and fashionable. There is little more you can ask for from a floor choice. With minimal cleaning required, it’s no mystery why so many people have fallen in love with tile for several home rooms. Tile also comes in so many styles that it is difficult to choose just one. 


Contact us to learn more about tile, or visit our showroom in Bend, OR. We are happy to walk you through our showroom through all the available tile options. 

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