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Hardwood Flooring Store in Bend, OR

At Carpet One Floor & Home in Bend, we are proud to be your local hardwood floor store. In our showroom, we have hardwood of all types, stains, and species. From dark wood colors to beautiful light shades, distressed textures, and more, you’re sure to find a style you love. Pair our collection of flooring with our sales professionals who will guide you through finding the hardwood that is best for your lifestyle and design, and you’ll quickly see why we’re your local experts!


Investing in hardwood means investing in your future. Hardwood floors are built to last, so your investment is one that will endure the test of time. Hardwood adds classic charm to any home. If you want to transform your space while also getting a reliable floor, consider hardwood floors.


Hardwood Species


There are a wide array of hardwood species available, from mahogany to cherry, hickory, maple, and much more. Because hardwood is milled directly from trees, when wood is taken from a different species, it is evident in its character, hardness, and color. Keep in mind, you will want to choose a hardwood that fits with your lifestyle, not just one that looks trendy.


Hardwood Styles


In addition to finding a species that you like, hardwood planks can be styled in various ways. This includes different gloss levels, textures, and sizes. For instance, if you want a rustic hardwood look, we offer wide-plank dark wood with beveled edges, weathered surfaces, and a matte finish. You can also decide between prefinished hardwood and finishing your wood planks after installation. Prefinished hardwood plank flooring is exceptionally tough and requires less prep time, but unfinished wood allows for more versatility. Our experts are here to listen to your wood flooring ideas and help you find the right product for your space. If you want to start browsing our wide selection of hardwood styles, you can search through our inventory online now!


Difference Between Solid and Engineered


Solid hardwood is the most basic construction of flooring; it is milled in one continuous piece directly from trees. Grooves are added to allow for ease of installation. Each piece is typically ¾ inch thick and various widths and lengths. One of the benefits of solid hardwood is that it can be refinished several times after wear becomes present. Refinished hardwood appears brand new in most cases, and allows you to restyle the floor for a whole different look. There are some limitations to solid hardwood. It can be susceptible to warping when exposed to humidity and moisture, leading to cracking, gapping, cupping, and other problems. This is because the planks absorb moisture, making them swell and shrink over time. It’s therefore recommended to install solid wood in rooms that are on or above-grade and climate-controlled.


Engineered hardwood is made from wood layers that are pressed and laminated together, each in different grain directions. This construction makes engineered hardwood sturdy and stable against traffic, moisture, and humidity. The top layer of engineered planks is a single piece of genuine hardwood, while the sublayers are wood composite. You can actually install engineered wood in many areas that solid wood isn’t recommended, including basements and rooms that experience light levels of moisture like kitchens, hallways, and foyers. While it’s more versatile, you may not be able to refinish your engineered hardwood floor as often as solid. This means it may not last as many years and you won’t have as many opportunities to restore it. All of this depends on the thickness of the hardwood veneer. Higher quality engineered woods have thicker top layers, allowing you to refinish them just as many times as their solid counterparts.


Where Can Hardwood Be Installed?


Solid and engineered hardwood floors are not the same, particularly when it comes to where they can be installed. Solid wood is recommended for low-moisture areas that are above grade. It’s perfect for a hardwood floor bedroom or wood floor living room. Engineered hardwood is a bit more versatile and can be installed anywhere solid wood can be installed, as well as in basements, finished attics, stairs, hallways, and even kitchens. Modern wood floors are also ultra-durable thanks to advances in finishing techniques, making them better able to handle heavy foot traffic and wear.


Our Hardwood Selection


Like what you’ve heard so far? Visit our showroom in Bend, Oregon, to speak with one of our experts or to browse our wide selection of hardwood flooring samples. If you want eco-friendly flooring options, we have plenty of sustainably-sourced hardwoods, along with bamboo and cork. Whether you want a unique multi-color wood floor or classic natural oak floors, we have the perfect product for you from the best hardwood floor brands available. We even carry exclusive brands like Rustic River™ and Voyager™.




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